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Finding Iowa Health Care

In Iowa, there are four basic options for obtaining health care; they include insurance through your employer, insurance through a private insurance company, obtaining eligibility for the Comprehensive Health Insurance Pool (CHIP) for high risk individuals, or income eligible programs.

There are several companies in Iowa offering health insurance coverage, including Wellmark, Bankers Life and Casualty, Health Alliance, and others. You need to be aware of the in the state of Iowa insurance companies may deny coverage, charge higher premiums, or limit coverage to an individual due to a wide variety of factors such as health status or condition, age, and others. It is up to the individual to very carefully review each plan to ensure they are well aware of the benefits, costs, and limitations of the plan. For example, is there a monetary limit on the amount of benefits that may be received in any year? What basis does the insurance provider need to cancel your policy?

The Iowa CHIP Health Program

The CHIP program provides coverage for those individuals with health issues that make it unable for them to obtain insurance because of their health issues. Individuals pay premiums for this coverage, generally higher than they would pay through a group or individual plan. There is also a lifetime maximum dollar benefit that may be received under this plan.

The last category of coverage is the income eligible programs such as Medicaid, Health Insurance Premium Payment (HIPP) Program, and the Hawk-I program. Medicaid is available to those in medical need, the disabled, children, and others. The HIPP Program is generally available to those who receive Medicaid, it helps individuals get insurance or keep insurance they already have. Finally, the hawk-I program provides health care coverage for children up to the age of nineteen who would not otherwise have an opportunity for coverage.

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